12 In 14

by Culture Trust

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“Do you want to do this thing? Sit down and do it. Are you not writing? Keep sitting there. Does it not feel right? Keep sitting there.”
-excerpt from The Getaway Car by Ann Patchett


released December 12, 2014


all rights reserved



Culture Trust Bronxville, New York

Instruments and computers and small clubs and headphones.

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Track Name: A Simple Place
I try to smoke out the beast but he only gets quicker
I like to keep my head in a simple place
All the stories you tell they’re just making you cynical
Could you come and see me face to face

What do I even expect
A friend to me I can’t protect
An opening that leads to anywhere

Rocks and dirt and sweaty games
The house that bears your father’s name
The hand you held but then it let you go

Leave a mark on the door, in case I need to come back home

All the demons in backyards hiding in bushes
A machine to keep us all afraid
Whatever I took now it’s making me lazy
Can you cover for me I think that I can escape

How could I even pretend
To call you out to say I am
Better off without you on my side

A branch that blooms forgetful leaves
Rusty cans that hold your dreams
The chance to prove that you have earned your place

Leave a mark on the door, in case I need to come back home
Track Name: In Harm's Way
the very feeling that you can’t shake
puts you in harm’s way
every rule that you create
slips out of your hands

you want to know
if you hold your breath,
how long can you last?

but if you’re doing okay,
we’ll stay out of your way.

tell me you got it.

snap back to a different time
when we wasted the days, we didn’t tow the line
and it was easy.
you made me feel like I’m alive,
like I don’t even have to try
pulling something from the air
you know you always made it easy.

we want to know
when you catch your breath
how fast, will you run this time?

but if we give you a head start,
please don’t go too far.

tell me you got it.

we want to know,
if we hold you up,
how tall, are you going to stand?

we’ll do what you say,
if you it keeps you safe.
Track Name: Sun Solution
how can I explain
I know what is done is done

let the ghosts come back
to take the things I love

if I turn away
what I can’t see must be gone

and if I refuse to play
does it mean I’ve won?

help me find it
my solution, against the sun

now that I’ve arrived
what’s the cost of being here

(if you turn away it all disappears)

if I turn away
can I make it disappear?

(what gives you the right to be with us here?)

don’t make me explain
I will not say what I’ve done

a gentle silence
helps me/figure
isolation, from everyone

I have found I
my solution, against the sun
Track Name: Pilots
the looks that you get
from pilots in your head
tell me whatʼs been going on?

the harder that you try
to build up your defense
running from your neighbors

youʼre real
so you donʼt have to prove it
weʼll tell you what you need to know

animal eyes
keep you in suspense
balancing on razor blades

and everything you get
leaves you wanting more
feeding on the fable

youʼre real
so you donʼt have to worry
your voice will sing our hymns

and if it only consumes you
weʼll hold you down until it ends

and all that youʼve been told

is real
Track Name: Throwing Ashes
how’re you going to get
information sent
are you going to sneak in the park
passed the cops and the homeless dogs

are you going to be
by the promises you made
are you taking
word for word dictation
or are you throwing ashes again

how will you make
yourself get well
are you going to live all alone
on the street
where you used to feel whole

you know I think I’ve done this before
like I’m going backward again

are you going to feel regret
when you’re running out the clock
you got some useless information
now you’ll never be normal again

are you going to be consumed
by a lover with no name
that puts you right back where you

you know I think I’ve done this before
like I’m throwing ashes again

how’re you going to get
information sent
are you going to sneak in the park
passed the cops and the homeless dogs
I think you’re going
backwards my friend

are you taking steps in the dark
aren’t sick of making mistakes
(I see you’re breaking glasses again)

are you going to run and hide
because they pick apart your face
and are you thinking about leaving me?

don’t put me right back where I started
Track Name: Catch Ahold, Rising Star
breaking television
sitting still for the micro-execution
I’ve got dinosaur mind
it leaves me restless

building walls on top of walls
fading underneath hollywood alcohol
how come the further out I go,
the more I’m stranded

falling for the chance
mixing chemicals/a silent hand
I don’t need control/at last they’ve come
to tell me who I am

what’s this big decision?
my choice-my will-my chance-my precious contribution
they’ve made the future meet demand
so stop you’re screaming

all these tiny secrets
make me believe that I will have with no restriction
catch ahold, you rising star
this time it won’t be fleeting

picking up the spill
what’s fixed but will not heal
a tired plan
company that cares
I close my eyes

to get what I deserve

I’ll get what I deserve
Give me what I deserve
We get what we deserve
What will you give up?
Track Name: Ghost Story
you move slowly
command attention
Iʼve been living
in suspension

headphones and progress, leave us alone
headphones and progress wonʼt leave us alone

while Iʼm slipping
youʼve been melting

unsteady hands
in traffic lights
youʼre just drifting
from concrete heights

far-away formulas donʼt know us at all
far-away formulas wonʼt leave us alone

now Iʼm burning
for your attention

concrete heights
they are melting
while youʼre spinning
I am empty

perfect hands
in suspension
Iʼll move slowly
youʼre second guessing
Track Name: Serpent
you’re there beside it waiting for the break

have you decided it’s better than you think

when you’re alone
turning off
carrying weight
against the crush
that’s when you know
the comfort of
letting a word
turn to dust

riding serpents home after the war

peasants trying to even out the score

what are the ways
you might have missed
charting your breath
behind the bricks
when you recall
within the rush
every word
returns to dust

favored graceful stories you’ve told

shadow hidden will not be ignored
Track Name: Cloud Collapse
watching systems
flow between my walls
waiting on the cloud collapse
pulling my attention

and on command
I break off tiny pieces
but it wants something more

getting my corrections fit
the equation pushes softly

you’ll find me there
in accord with the prediction
but I’m not feeling anything
are we getting closer?

dedicated systems
coming through my door
changing with the circumstance
I let it all just happen

I’ve been prepared
for permanent connection
I’m not fearing anything
Track Name: Side Effect
blinking neon lights
I sleep against the pictures
counting out the currency
hand to hand

see me through this process
a child in all directions
swaying to the backbeat
of a memory I lifted

superstition suits me well

I don’t care what you’ve brought
I don’t care where you’ve gone
I’ve been there, it’s hallow
your words are opening

changing up the lines
and who is being fooled here?
judging from the backseat
spoils my head

surrender at the highway
neon lights & embers
like running from a close call
is a side effect of living

I don’t care what they thought
I don’t care what you’ve done
if you beg, I’ll borrow
our world is opening
Track Name: Interrupt
treat me like the coin
you’d never lose
that cannot break

looking out
the way we start
further from
the soft divide

steel and stone
won’t interrupt
we have got
to become
Track Name: Corners
I don’t need a reason
to want to feel something I recognize
getting good at questions
never guards against a strange reply
I set up this corner
When I’m backed in I cannot act suprised
where’s that future freedom
I think we sold out at the lowest price

a heart that’s made of numbers
you show me how well it calculates
this blood’s for advertisement
tie my tongue before you operate
getting good at reason
it don’t mean you got it figured out
just because you show me numbers
doesn’t mean that we are even now

in your heart
there’s a lot to lose
good intent
never makes it through
corners shift
I’ve been pushed aside
I need something
I can recognize

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