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by Culture Trust

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I used to watch daredevils on TV.

No, that's not true.

I would watch afternoon talk shows featuring women with big hair
and men with melting skin and get scared that everything they said was fact and predetermined and I was shut out already.

These days there are murder shows on every night, and it doesn't bother me one bit.
Except my stomach flips now and then.

I just wanted to sound tough before, that's why I said I would watch daredevils on TV, but, the truth is...

I always closed my eyes at those parts.


released November 10, 2013


all rights reserved



Culture Trust Bronxville, New York

Instruments and computers and small clubs and headphones.

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Track Name: So Wrong
things go wrong that you just can't right.
running thoughts that keep you up at night.
cover it up when it gets old.
seeing things when I'm on the road.

who knows you better than you think?
you're song wrong.

write it down to clear the air.
hold on tight but you're never there.
wrap yourself around yourself.
prove that you don't need no help.

how could I know you better than you think?
you're so wrong.
Track Name: Big Hands
when they come get me, I won't go down alone.
with their big hands, they won't get me alone.
you're in on this from the start.
your innocence won't survive, so let them come and get me, I won't go down alone.

all these stupid words. put them in my mouth.
they never meant a thing, they'll never find me out.

so come and get me but I won't go down alone.
I'll give you up to save myself, I won't go down alone.
with their big hands, they want to take me apart, I'm not alone in this.
you're gonna pay your part.

all these stupid words, they never fixed a thing.
when we thought it's over it started up again.
all these stupid words, put them in my mouth.
they never meant a thing, you'll never find me out.
Track Name: Wait
at first what seemed so possible
work real hard, just push and pull
force yourself to swim up stream
take you out, you're on your knees

wait for it, let it come to you

nobody owns you
nobody owns me

tell you that they've seen it all
watch you come, and always fall
making room, new capital
you fill it up but it's never full

you wait for it, but it never comes to you
and it won't come

what do they owe you?
what do they owe me?
they own you, they own me.

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